Supporting our young people on their journey from childhood to responsible adulthood

                                                   Perth, West Australia

  • Stepping Into Manhood Camps

    A once in a lifetime opportunity to help make your boy’s transition to manhood a positive, healthy experience  

  • Trained Volunteers

    Acknowledging and celebrating a teenager’s transition through a properly run Rite of Passage  

  • Communication

    Changing how we parent and teach our boys as they become young men  

  • Being There

    Knowing how to support them when things get tough  

  • Challenging Our Conditioning

    Imparting higher levels of respect for mothers and women  

  • Looking Forward

    Celebrate your son becoming a young man and help him create a healthy vision for the future  

  • Knowing Each Other

    Encouraging your young man to pursue his unique gifts and talents  

  • Celebrating Our Youth

    A Right of Passage acknowledges and honours the transition from boy to young man  

Wild Evolution - Vision Quest for Young Adults

Supporting young adults to connect with their…

Step Into Manhood April 2020 Camp

Bringing out the best in teenage boys.

Returning Young Men

Welcoming returning young men

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Inspired by ancient and indigenous wisdom the contemporary Rites of Passage programs offered by Rites Together recognise that the future of our communities rely on a positive transition of girls and boys into healthy women and men. Throughout human history this has only been achieved through a Rite of Passage.

Rites Together is a Perth, West Australian based not for profit organisation which has grown out of a community of women and men who have provided Rites of Passage camps in WA for the past 15 years. Most of our members were initially involved as Parents. They realised the importance and benefits of marking the transition in adolescence with a positive Rite of Passage experience as a stepping stone into healthy adulthood.

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Oct16 Camp

Why we need Rites of Passage?

Dr Arne Rubinstein - TEDx Byron Bay 2013

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The Millennial Question

Millennials in the workplace - Simon Sinek

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