Supporting our young people on their journey from childhood to responsible adulthood

                                                   Perth, West Australia

We can’t do this without the support of the community and passionate men and women to lead our experiences. As a first step the first Rites Together leadership training was held on the 20-22 July 2018.

The training saw a full house of 17 incredible women and men participants gather at the Blue Body Retreat Centre in Parkerville. Developed collaboratively by experienced Rites Together leaders of many years Brian Curtis, Gavin and Karen Marsh and Reijer Groenveld the weekend was an experiential exploration of the Stepping into Manhood Camp. The program aimed at giving the participants a look and feel and behind the scenes camp experience, including of Rites of Passage theory mixed with interactive sessions to explore leadership qualities required on our stepping into manhood camps.

The weekend unfolded gracefully, given that it must have been the wettest weekend on record in WA, much time was spent around the fire sharing stories and insights and our own experiences and the wisdom of the group. The training brought many unexpected moments and outcomes. Opportunity to experience challenge, run circles and sharing gifts and fears around facilitating camps and groups all came up. A couple of comments and feedback from participants gave a strong indication that the training was well received and exceeded participants expectations in enhancing their understanding of the Rites of passage camps and processes and readiness to be a leader on camp.

Some of the comments from participants were:

Did you get what you came for?

* Yes I did, what it did do is highlight the effects of being emphatic all through and absorbing all the energies of the group, I am having to do further work around “ protection of myself

* Yes – a stronger sense of connecting and seeing what is happening for others

* Yes and more – much more I have been inspired, enlightened and will contribute and continue to the work

* Yes and more!!

* Yes I was not sure what I came for but I am taking a lot and more

* Yes it was a great way to bookend Rites together with my son in April. I am planning to involve myself in future men’s work

* Yes I could step into it next camp

* Absolutely and more I have got mountains more than I anticipated and was completely blown away, one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had

* Yeah I do feel more confident to step into facilitation

* I can’t remember what I said, but yes, I believe I got what I went for.

* Thank you, this totally fed my soul, what you provided , volunteer to the community is wonderful and we are blessed to have witnessed the process and an honour to be a part of the process

We are excited by our first Leadership Training and exploring with the participants how they may fit into the upcoming camps in October 2018 and April 2019, to build on their experiences and become part of the Rites Together Community and camp leadership. We are constantly humbled by the heart and skills of those who step into this work, selflessly volunteering and offering all they have to create healthy and authentic young men for the future.

We are looking forward to setting dates for next year’s trainings, and would love to hear from those looking to develop their skills and become part of our growing community at Rites Together, please get in touch for a chat and to register for our next training..

Up coming camps: for families with young men places are filling up quickly for October so contact us to discuss attending and please feel free to pass on to anyone you feel would benefit from this work. Please go to http://www.ritestogether.org.au/ or to book your place please contact:

Reijer Groenveld 0408 605 842 or Karen Marsh 0414 435 755

3-6th October 2018

10 -13th April 2019

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