Supporting our young people on their journey from childhood to responsible adulthood

                                                   Perth, West Australia

Thanks to Stefano Rossi a compassionate father and leader for Rites Together. Stefano has been working with us since bringing his son on camp in April 2018, He recently completed our leadership training and will be using these new skills to support young men and fathers on our upcoming October camp.

A passionate and generous heart he has created this amazing initiative to raise money for our camps. What better way to spend a Spring morning with family and friends taking in some incredible coastline in Perth with views over to Rottnest. Bring family friends and anyone who fancies a stroll down the coast for a great cause.......... plus enjoy some incredible food at the start and end.

We are humbled to have this support, so dust of the walking boots and jump into spring with this initiative from Stefano and his team. Check out the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/309133689892961/

Please remember to give a big thank you to the staff and Stefano

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