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Returning Young Men

Returning Young Men, Stepping into Manhood Camp Returning Young Men, Stepping into Manhood Camp

Returning Young Men

There are places available for past participants to return and deepen their original experience on every Stepping into Manhood Camp.

On their first camp, a boy takes his first steps on the long road to healthy manhood. It is a peak experience and it is highly beneficial to reconnect with that experience after a period of introspection (we recommend nine months). As a Returning Young Man there is the opportunity to deepen that experience, to learn leadership skills, the ability to work within a team and receive personal coaching from the program leaders.

Returning Young Men are looked up to by the boys on the camps and welcomed by all the men. The presence and example that our Returning Young Men set for the boys is a very important part of each camp.

Many of our camps take place during school term. Our experience and the feedback that we receive is that any lost school time is far outweighed by the benefits received. Indeed many schools give community service or work experience credit for students participating as a Returning Young Man. This experience can also be used as community service credits for students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

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