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Step Into Manhood April 2020 Camp

The 2020 Stepping into Manhood Camp:

21st - 24th April  2020

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 "What a humbling experience to have my son cross the line and start his journey into manhood not only in the presence of great men but supported by great men. I could not have given this experience to my son in a lifetime by myself ... I know I have given him the greatest start to his life as a young man."Father 

Stepping Into Manhood Camps

Since 1994 it is estimated that over 30,000 people in Australia have been touched by this life changing work through various organisations conducting Rights of Passage programs for our sons and daughters.

The Stepping Into Manhood Camp is a contemporary Rites of Passage program based on years of research and experience. Every boy should have this opportunity. It will help bring out his individual gifts and talents, build strong family relationships and motivate him to be a good man who makes a difference.

What does the Stepping Into Manhood Camp create?

  • Celebrate your son becoming a young man and help him create a healthy vision for the future 
  • Create networks and resilience that will support him in tough times
  • Provide an opportunity to be acknowledged by other adult men
  • Gain insights from men's stories of their pathway to becoming an adult
  • Experience and understand challenge is part of everyday life
  • Explore a vision for themselves in the future
  • To bring out the best in your boy and celebrate him becoming a young man
  • Bring awareness to the physical, emotional and psychological changes happening in your boy
  • To stimulate the development of strong, healthy relationships that will continue to support him during his teenage and adult years
  • Provide opportunity to think about what childhood behaviours he is ready to let go of as he moves into manhood

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Rites Together has the philosophy that no one should miss out on this experience because of cost and aims to facilitate various ways of payment to ensure costs are covered for the camps and the organisation to be sustainable. The current cost of the Stepping Into Manhood camp is set at $1200. This includes all costs for both Father and Son to attend the camp and also covers the Mothers Program. Alternative arangements for payment can be made after camp registration.

If the information you seek cannot be answered in our FAQ section, please contact us.

Reijer - 0408 605 842

Karen - 0414 435 755

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